Is it over? 6 deal-breaker signs that indicate it is time to breakup in a relationship


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Written by Sumayyah Namusabi

Updated: 2021-02-20

Is it over? A question that has crossed almost everyone’s mind at some point when they were or are dating. If the latter is the case for you, the Spooye family hopes you have a clearer decision by the end of this article.

Honestly, breaking up is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you love or have loved your partner and there is just too much history and memories but also there these deal-breaker signs, sometimes they crystal vivid clear and other times it's your effing gut and it all just... doesn't cut it.

‘Time to Breakup Baby!’ Checklist

If you find yourself in a tight spot, indecisive about the future of your relationship, try this ‘Time to break-up baby' checklist to see if it is all still worth it;

  1. You are just not happy

  2. Happiness should always be anyone's priority in life. Excluding external factors that might be making you sad or super down (In which case you should talk to someone), if you are just not feeling ‘it’ with your partner, it is simple and clear. You deserve to be happy! Move on.

  3. Shattered Trust

  4. If you feel like the trust between you and your partner has been shattered and the pieces cannot be put back together anymore, it is over! For your own sanity, move on, because there is no way a relationship is going to function without trust.

  5. Abusive Partner

  6. This is one of those crystal vivid clear signs that just don’t cut it! Though abusive relationships (both physical and mental) can be complicated, as a 2010 study discovered that more than half of the women (those surveyed on) viewed their abusive partners as “highly dependable”, it should an ultimate deal-breaker.

    It takes a lot of braveness and self-love to get out. Guess what? You already have that in plenty! Manifest it.

  7. Zero communication

  8. In any relationship, be it platonic, communicating is great way to work through things. If you don’t have that, you have nothing. If you feel like it's hard or impossible to reach through to your partner when expressing yourself. Maybe you should quit.

    It is not black and white but if someone suffocates your thoughts, it can't be mentally healthy for you.

  9. You can't meet halfway

  10. For a relationship to work, both parties need to put in work from all sides equally in order to reach each other's needs. Of course, you can't expect it to be perfect but it is a good sign if you are both trying to make an effort.

    A deal-breaker sign would be if one of the partners is giving a lot and they are not getting much in return.

  11. You have grown apart

  12. This usually happens, just like when we are kids and we grow up and no longer like the things we used to like, partners too can grow apart in a relationship.

    The good news is you can change and grow together with your partner but if you feel like you have drifted so far apart that you can't get find yourselves again, maybe it is time to breakup.

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