5 things to do with your partner


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Written by Sumayyah Namusabi

Updated: 2021-02-20

5 things to do with your partner

‘Netflix and chill’ is great but there is a whole lot of activities to do with your partner that take your relationship on a more intimate and superlative level. A great relationship should be infused with a journey of experiences and beautiful memories which help insulate it in challenging times. Here are a few cheap and easy things to do with your partner;

Date nights.

Just because you are all settled in, doesn’t mean you can stop going out on dates. Always dress up like it's your first date to try and impress each other. If you can, take things on another level with role playing. You don't have to be as good as Gabriel Union, you can just play as the boy or the girl next door.

Kitchen foreplay.

Cooking just got hot! Prepare your favorite meals together in lingerie or whatever men wear to get their "sensual on". Play some smooth jams and light the candles to create a sensual mood. Eat your dinner and head for dessert, if you know what I mean.

Random "rumpy pumpy".

It doesn’t always have to be the bedroom. Mess the kitchen counter, shower walls, or the balcony. To take it to an adventurous level, do it randomly in random places that are not your home, random private places obviously. It's exciting and rejuvenating!

Break a sweat together.

Exercising is good for your mind,so break a sweat with your partner in the following activities;


Traveling together to new or old places is a great way to add a bunch of experiences and memories to your relationship. It doesn’t necessary mean flying out to different countries, if you can afford that, great! Otherwise, you can take road trips, weekend or holiday getaways or even visit each other's home towns (to get to know more about each other since one talk more about themselves when reminiscing).

It’s the simple things!

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