A Step-by-step Daily Skin Care Routine

Morning or Day Skin Care Routine | Night Skin Care Routine


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Written by Sumayyah Namusabi

Updated: 2021-02-18

Unless you have a genie, you cannot just sit around and wish for great skin. It is earned! Your ways of life have a big effect on what you see in the mirror. First and foremost, it is important to know your skin type. Is it oily, sensitive or dry? After you have that figured out, buy skin products that aim for your skin issues.

Now what? Which product goes on the skin first and what follows? Beauty Pie founder, Marcia Kilgore told Vogue UK that, “As a general rule of thumb, apply your products in this order: cleanser, toner/essence, treatment/mask, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, oil, SPF. Sunscreen always goes last, and the only thing that you should layer over sunscreen is powder, concealer or foundation.”

You are all set! Now no matter what your skin type is, a daily skin care routine is great for your overall skin health and can improve skin issues like acne, scarring, and dark spots when done with the right products.

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Day routine.

The day or morning routine is all about protection from the sun and moisturizing, so leave your treatment products, like retinol, for night. A day routine has these following basic steps you can do once in the morning;

Cleanse: Wash your face gently with a cleanser designed for your skin type. If you don’t have a cleanser, you can just clean your face with warm water.

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Tone: Toners are optional but can be great in balancing the skin. If using one, always apply after cleansing before you put anything else on your skin.

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Treat: Serum treatments are essentially just shots of extremely concentrated nutrients, hydrators, and antioxidants that amp up your skin health. Here is what to look for in a serum;

Serums with vitamin C or growth factors are best to use in your day routine, under sunscreen.

If treating acne and spots, always apply on areas of concern because the treatments can dry out your skin.

Moisturize: This is a very important step because it hydrates and softens your skin. For oily skin, use lightweight, gel-based moisturizers that don’t clog your pores and for dry skin, use cream-based moisturizers to lock in moisture.

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Sunscreen: Sunscreen is the most crucial skin-care product everyone should use to protect skin from cancers and aging. experts recommend using a daily SPF of at least 30.

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Night routine.

Your skin naturally repairs itself at night, so it is important to go big on treatments. A night routine has these following basic steps;

Double cleanse: This means to get rid of makeup, oils or pollutions you acquired during day and then do your normal wash like you did in the morning.

Tone and Boost: If you are using toners, here is what to look for;

Treat: Here are some of the night treatments to use;

Moisturize; Moisturizing at night, creates a barrier that seals in active ingredients and hydration.

Inside tip.

Always remember not to rush to bed after your skin care routine because the pillows will undo your work and take all the products off. let it sink in! This way, when you wake up, your skin is glowy and and glimmery and ready to start the day!

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