Turn Your Home into a beautiful Indoor jungle with these Low Light Indoor Plants.

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Written by Sumayyah Namusabi

Updated: 2021-01-27

When it comes to indoor plants, forget minimalism. Yes, one or two pots can do it but you ever tried 5 or more? Depending on the size of your living space of course. Congestion or Low Light can't be your concern, there are plenty of low light indoor plants like Monstera, Ponthos, Bromeliads, Cacti, English Ivy and our favourite peace lily that will look perfect sitting on the floor or windows, hanging on walls or ceilings and shelfs. You still have space to maneuver though you added more style and life to your home. Come on now, let it happen to you.

Apart from bringing your home interior to life, having indoor plants has been proven to reduce physiological and psychological stress (mental health) as it is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed and natural feelings among other benefits.

Indoor jungle check list with the best low light indoor plants

Turn your home into a beautiful indoor jungle with the following Spaces in your house. Spooye picked out the best low light indoor plants that would go with the spaces below but you can experiment with the plants of your choice.



Image from lagerhaus | Hoya Plant

Always go for wall pots that blend with the color of your wall and insert vining or climbing plants. They trail down the pot giving beautiful jungle feels.

Most of the indoor vining plants grow well in bright, indirect light with room temperatures ranging between 18 – 29 degrees celcius.

Vining or climbing plants to use include;



Image from IKEA | Moth orchids

Your home interior can look livelier from outside through a glass window if you place blooming plants like orchids. They bloom colorful flowers with broad super green leaves. Succulents too look great on window sills plus it is a great place for them to get light anyway.

Water plants when soil gets dry because both of them can die from overwatering

Remember that south-facing windows bring in the brightest light, so place your blooming plants like orchids there.



Image from IKEA | Monstera

Place your bigger pots on the floor. This can be in well-lighted corners, or places you usually don’t walk like the floor near the wall. Go for leafy green plants with beautiful patterns, for example; 

These are all beginner friendly and low light indoor plants.



Image from IKEA | Cacti

Shelves can be your book shelf or Tv shelf. Small potted plants are perfect for shelves. Try cacti for diverse features and styles. Remember to always place them in bright light so open or glass door shelves are suitable.



Image from IKEA

Like the wall, vining or climbing plants are perfect to hang. Make sure the hanging pots are established firmly to avoid falling.

Inside tip.

Plants like pilea peperomioides or golden ponthos can be propagated with leaf cuttings. Place a leaf cutting in a glass vessel with water and wait for the roots to sprout. This produces amazing results! See more steps on Greatist.

Always place Indoor plants where light can reach them. If you don’t have enough windows or want your plant stationed in a specific place with less light, consider getting grow lights for indoor plants or low light indoor plants as mentioned above

Happy Indoor Jungle feels!

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