Fall is all about sweaters and coffee baby!

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Written by Sumayyah Namusabi

Updated: 2021-02-23

Ooh fall! Beloved fall! Leaves falling to the tune of temperature dropping, changing up the whole mood and scenery, giving you the ultimate autumn feels. What is not there to love?

Fall is also freedom. I mean with the chilly days and nights; a cup of coffee and a warm sweater are always a go! This means you don’t have to suck it in anymore. You wear your ‘rolls’ with every part of your body screaming comfort and utter freedom.

The best part is that sweaters never go out of style, instead they evolve in style. I am talking;

Crew neck & Cable knit Sweaters

These have a classic simple design. They are characterized by their round neckline with no collar. They can be worn by both women and men of any age.

You can put a shirt or T-shirt under them or throw a blazer over them to feel cozier or just to make a fashion statement. They go great with jeans or slacks.

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Turtleneck & Cowl-neck Sweaters

turtlenecks and cowl neck sweaters are super warm and cozy. They come in different styles and fabrics and are distinguished with more fabric around the neck area. They can be a little tricky to style but with these tips, you are going to rock them every fall day.

For women, go for a loose fit and a half front or side tuck-in in ankle length jeans with sneakers. If you prefer a tight fit, go for a full tuck-in or no tuck-in at all (depending on the type of fabric) in a short skirt or jeans with boots of your liking.

Accessorize with minimalist earrings like hoops and wear your hair up to accentuate your neck length and facial features. For men, go for a tight fit and throw over a dark color pea coat with jeans and ankle boots. Accessorize with a fresh hair cut or if you have long hair, hold it back and don’t forget to smile.

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Hoodies never disappoint. Indoor or outdoor, your fall evenings and weekends are covered baby! Women and men of all ages rock a good hoodie. They go great with jeans or sweat pants. You can throw a leather or jean jacket over them to look more stylish or feel warmer.

Hoodies are usually an oversized fit and have pockets at the front that provide storage for small items like a phone or wallet. They are identified with an attached hood around the neck area to wear over your head that is if you are trying to catch a vibe or attitude or if you are just not trying to catch a cold.

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Poncho Sweaters

Though ponchos are easy and comfortable garments to wear, they can be tricky at pulling off a stylish look. You can layer your poncho over a long-sleeved tight-fitting top or T-shirt.

Put them on with your best jeans or ripped jeans and knee-high boots for the ladies and ankle boots for the gents. Keep accessories simple.

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Cardigans a knitted kind of sweaters with a buttoned/zipped or open front design. They can be worn indoor and outdoor for both men and women.

For men go for a button-up cardigan with jeans and sneakers and for ladies throw over a buttonless/zipless open front cardigan on a white tucked-in tight fitting tank top on less cold days and a warm front tucked-in lose fit T-shirts on chilly days with jeans and sneakers. Wear your hair down with simple makeup and accessories.

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Now that your fall and winter days are all figured out sweater-wise, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let your ‘rolls’ breathe. Smile, its fall baby!

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