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Updated: 2021-01-22

How it works

Dermaplaning is new to your ears? Well then, here you go! You ever heard of people undergo a cosmetic procedure where dead skin and hairs are removed with a scalpel-type blade? Yeah, that right there is how dermaplaning works. You might have heard of it as microplaning or blading.

Dermaplaning aims to make one’s skin free of fine wrinkles, acne scarring, sun-damaged skin, dull or dry skin and facial short, soft hairs. Dermatologists say it is most of the time safe and effective when done by certified professionals.

It is usually done by an esthetician, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist but there is a lot of online content about DIY dermaplaning at home. We will look its safety below.

So, if you are looking for a more youthful, radiant and smoother skin, just type, ‘dermaplaning near me’ to borrow a temporary anti-aging time-machine. But before u get to google maps, let’s get to know more about this procedure.


Think of this procedure as a shaving session except this time you are taking off a few skin layers. Yeah, it is that quick and painless. You might feel a little tingly so numbing options or local anesthesia will be offered by your doctor.

Prior to the procedure, your surgeon or dermatologist should use a gentle cleanser with alpha or beta hydroxy acids. They help loosen up dead skin cells.

When your skin is completely dry, it is pulled out tight by the professional and a sterilized scalpel held at a 45-degree angle to the skin is used to gently scrape over your skin for about 30 minutes.

After the treatment is done, a moisturizer will be applied to the skin, following sunscreen for protection.

One can do this cosmetic procedure as frequent as every 2 weeks

Dermaplaning at home safety

It is advisable to use a certified professional but if one wishes to do dermaplaning at home, they can purchase a dermaplaning tool and perform the procedure on themselves.

You should note that there is a higher risk of infection and other complications associated with the procedure so perform with caution.

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There is absolutely no medical reason for you to undergo the dermaplaning procedure but there sure are benefits out of it.

Most of the time people who do this aim for a younger looking skin. Potential benefits are;

Always keep in mind that the effectiveness of this procedure entirely depends on the expertise of the person performing on you. So, you might want to check out the reviews before you see your esthetician or plastic surgeon.

Side effects

Dermaplaning is usually a low-risk procedure especially when performed by a certified professional. Possible side effects may include;

What to expect after the dermaplaning procedure

If the person performing on you in an expert, you sure should expect a bright looking and smoother skin after the procedure.

You should also expect the results to fade away after a period of 3 weeks to a month as dermaplaning benefits are not permanent.

Though you may experience redness a few days after the procedure, it should not stop you to go back to your daily activities. There is no downtime needed for recovery.

You should note that exposure to UV light after the dermaplaning procedure without sunscreen may reverse the benefits ripped or even cause high pigmentation in areas where the treatment is performed. So always wear sunscreen a few days following the procedure when out in the sun.

Before and After dermaplaning


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The other alternative to dermaplaning would be a similar exfoliating procedure called microdermabrasion. Here, your skin is smoothed out using a rough surface instead of a blade.

Both procedures tend to have similar results and similar side effects except microdermabrasion results last for several months

Unlike dermaplaning, you would need to do several rounds of treatment to achieve the results in microdermabrasion


Dermaplaning is a procedure where a top surface of the skin is removed to achieve a smoother and more radiant look.

It is a low-risk procedure and usually safe for most people especially when performed by an expert and it also effective with results lasting for a period of about 3 weeks.

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If you develop a sunburn before to the appointment, you might want to consider rescheduling the procedure.

Make sure to also check in with your doctor first before booking an appointment if you have certain conditions like active acne. This could cause higher risks of the side effects.

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