Why cardio should be in your workout routine

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Written by Sumayyah Namusabi

Updated: 2021-02-25

When you hear ‘cardio’, don’t only think of running or jogging. I mean they are cardio exercises and also very effective. However, cardiovascular exercises can be any type of exercises that can get your heart rate and breathing up in turn getting you many health benefits. These exercises include;

Now that you have all these options, you can always choose what is easier and convenient for you whenever you cannot manifest the ‘Usain Bolt’ in you. 

Why it should be in your workout routine?

The window of opportunity for beneficial health and overall factors of cardio exercises seems to be broad. Some of the benefits may include;

Lower risk of heart diseases: It is proven that people with, or at risk for heart diseases (e.g. coronary heart disease) can benefit significantly from being physically active. That’s because cardio strengthens your heart and helps it to pump blood throughout your body.

Regulates blood sugars: When a study was carried out on people with type 2 diabetes, it was found that physical activities including cardio lower blood sugar.

Keeps body weight in check: Cardio exercises are proven to reduce fat mass which prevents obesity and improves related chronic health conditions.

Prevents high blood pressure: This is also known as hypertension. It is quite common and potentially fatal. Available evidence strongly points to physical activity including cardio exercises in the prevention of hypertension.

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Improves cognition: The role of cardiovascular fitness as a protector and enhancer of cognitive function (e.g. memory, attention and processing speed) in older adults appears to have a solid biological basis.

Great on depression and anxiety: Data shows that cardio exercises (aerobics) can produce substantial improvement in mood in patients with major depressive disorders in a short time. This can happen after a single exercise. Just like that!! Bye depression!

Reduces back and neck pains: Physical inactivity is associated with an increased risk of chronic pain in the lower back and neck/shoulders in the general adult population. Low intense cardio exercises like swimming can loosen up your muscles and make you more fit.

You sleep better:  Research was carried out on people with chronic sleep issues. It concluded that Aerobic physical activity with sleep hygiene education is an effective treatment approach to improve sleep quality, mood and quality of life in older adults with chronic insomnia.

Better balance: This is related to risks of falling in older adults. A study suggests that dance‐based aerobic exercise improves selected components of balance and locomotion/agility, thereby lessening risks of falling.

Cardiovascular exercises are safe for both young and adults.


If you have an underlying medical condition or disability, it is best to talk with your physician about the kinds and amounts of cardio exercise right for you before making too many changes.


If you didn’t know, now you know! Keep moving.

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